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CompassRoseOur Survival Guides provide a helpful starting point for learning etiquette and accessing etiquette resources.

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The Right Way to Easy Etiquette | Priscilla Murtha
How to deal with reply-all mishaps and other online disasters | Angela Hill – The Oakland Tribune
Handling Sticky Parenting SituationsBeth Levine – Woman’s Day Magazine
Tips for resolving 8 sticky wedding situations | Meredith Moss – Dayton Daily News
At the Company Picnic, Etiquette Matters! | JoAnn Greco, for Yahoo! HotJobs
Blind Date Manners! | Mark Amundsen
The Rules of Engagement: Party Etiquette Dos and Don’ts Kathleen Squires – Holidash News! 
Door Etiquette! | Nara Schoenberg | Tribune Newspapers
The Dos and Don’ts of Business Etiquette Bryan Ochalla -Associations Now
How To Be A Good House Guest | lifelessons4u
Setting a Perfect Formal Dinner Table | Prerna Malik –
Top 10 Flying Dos and Don’ts What Happens Now –
How to be plugged in without being rude Katie McElveen-Real Simple Magazine
Grace Under Fire—Good Manners in Today’s Workplace Sue Fox for
How to Dress for Any Occasion | Ingela Ratledge – Real Simple Magazine
Modern Manners 101: Expert etiquette advice for today’s tricky situations | Hilary Parker – Redbook Magazine
Tripping on the tip | Jami Moran, 24 Hours Magazine, Canada
We’re turning into a thankless society Dorothy Lipovenko, Montreal Gazzette, Canada
Children’s Etiquette Around the World | By Lora Shinn, 
When it’s hard to stay focused, try going ‘topless’ to meetings | Jessica Guynn Los Angeles Times
Youngsters Learn Etiquette Christopher O’Donnell, Herald Tribune
At Work, Nobody Wins the Lying Game | Larry Buhl, Yahoo Hot Jobs
Charm School | Jennifer Seligman & Maryse Benge, Elle Canada Magazine
When your child plays with ‘Danger Boy’ Real Simple Magazine
Business? You can do it too | Shonali Muthalaly, the Hindu, India
Party Etiquette! What to do if …. | Paula, US Weekly Magazine
Linked up, but out of the loop: Don’t forget courtesy in rush to stay connected | Jennifer Lloyd, The Seattle Times
Holiday Party Etiquette | Barbara Weltman, Big Ideas For Small Business
What’s the Point of Giving Thanks? | Matthew Baldwin, The Morning News
Dinner Party Seating Solutions | Real Simple Magazine
Etiquette For Dummies Book Review | The
In Honor of Absence | Hannah Seligson, CTW Features 
Doing business abroad? Simple faux pas can sink you | Gary Stoller, USA Today
Minding your (sexual) manners Meredith Moss, Cox News Service
When manners meet STDs Meredith Moss, Dayton Daily News
Business Etiquette Basics: From Classroom to Boardroom Sylvia Mendoza
JEANS! CATS! HIPPOS! The accidental collector Patrick Kampert, Chicago Tribune
At the Company Picnic, Etiquette Matters | JoAnn Greco, for Yahoo! HotJobs
The idiot’s guide to entertaining the boss | Sheila Norman-Culp | ASAP 
Celebrity Beach Don’ts | Mark Cina, US Weekly
Party Politics | Sally Schultheiss, Cookie Magazine
A Trip too Far: Traveling for Business? | Lorraine Duffy Merkl, New York Post 
A Convention For Dummies: Experts on Everything | Newsweek Magazine
Unspoken Endings Gabriella Boston, The Washington Times
Have big Halloween treat bag, will travel Mackenzie Carpenter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
On Halloween, tell the kids: Rudeness can’t be disguised | Michele M. Melendez, NEWHOUSE NEWS SERVICE
Dumbing Up! Rachel Donadio, The New York Times
Mind your meeting manners Sue Fox & Ranjini Manian, The Hindu Business Line, India
Interview tips worth chewing on | Kavita Gosyne, The Graduate
Workplace etiquette | Sue Fox, The Hindu Business Line, India
A guest in good standing | Beverly Beyette, LA Times Staff Writer
Dining room etiquette for teens | Monika G. Vaccaro, Next Step Magazine For Teens
Naughty or Nice? Fixes for 5 common holiday etiquette goofs | Cynthia Dermody, Reader’s Digest
Project to Equip Indians With Soft Skills | The Hindu
Etiquette training sessions for the global Indian | The Hindu 
For Success In Business, Etiquette Is Important! | HOPE HAMASHIGE, Los Angeles Times
Yammering Aloft Geoffrey Thomas, Air Transport World 
FOOT IN MOUTH? How to Recover from Verbal Blunders | Sarah Humphreys, Real Simple Magazine
Mom Was Right! | Deborah Mendenhall, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) 
How to Handle the Unruly Kids Next Door | Real Simple 
Test your social IQMelissa O’Brien, Shape Magazine
Surviving At the Dinner Table Will Require A Little Etiquette Suzanne Cristallo, Los Gatos Weekly-Times
Good Manners — Your Way | Deborah Pike, Ladies Home Journal
Is All of Hollywood Breast Obsessed? Staff Writer, Life & Style Weekly
A Minder to Mind Your Manners | Mireya Navarro, The New York Times
Handling the Handshake AllBusiness.Com
Nuptial smooches: You Must Remember This Bev Bennett, Content That Works
How to send a Birth Announcement | Kelly Haramis, Chicago Tribune
Etiquette Week’ Inspires Crank to Turn the Other Cheek | Sue Hutchinson, San Jose Mercury News 
Toasters are out! We want money! | Michelle Megna, New York Daily News
The Nine Grossest Things Other People Do That Can Make You Sick
Let me shake you by the hand and lead you through my etiquette crisis Chris Ayres, LA Times Notebook
Surviving a Red-Blue Holiday Bash | William Webber, Belief.Net 
Manners Matter Timothy J. Cronin, The Catholic Update
Think twice before sending gifts to valentine at work Megan Tench, The Boston Globe
Business etiquette catching up to a wireless world USA Today
The Dos and Don’ts of Gift Exchanging | Amanda Onion, ABCNews.Go.Com
Etiquette India! Etiquette & Cross Cultural Training | Ranjini Manian, Chennai, India
The gifts that keep on regifting | Jolayne Houtz, Seattle Times
Why Manners Matter | Lisa Yoon –
Don’t misplace manners at job interviews CNET Staff
Etiquette on the rise Will Evans – Sacramento Bee
Mind Your Millennium Manners Christopher Francescani – The New York Post
Mind Your Manners | Heather Nalbone, The Washington Diplomat
R-E-S-P-E-C-T | Rachel Sobel, CMA Today
Did you get exactly what you wanted for Christmas? | Jolayne Houtz. The Seattle Times 
Making the Thanks Fit the Favor | Real Simple Magazine
Prevent Family Feuds | Amanda Hinnant, Real Simple Magazine
Rude Americans Seen Proliferating: Pollby | Mark Emmons, Reuters
Wireless Net: Convenience vs. annoyance Rachel Konrad, CNET
U.S. Executives Getting A Lesson in Etiquette Dianne E. Lewis, The Boston Globe
How to Recover from Verbal Blunders | Sarah Humphreys, Real Simple Magazine
Staying Sharp Beyond Business Hours Candice Livingston, Sharpman.Com
Holiday gifts that can open doors — without looking like bribery | D. Parvaz, Seattle Post 
The Etiquette of New Parenthood | Leigh Balber, Child Magazine 
Business etiquette catching up to a wireless world Stan Gilliland, AP / USA Today
Visualize world peace or Something | Mark Emmons, Silicon Valley Magazine
Don’t RAISE a stink Mary Meehan, Lexington Herald-Leader
Got interesting e-mail lately? O.K. — just don’t pass it along. | Tom Long, The Detroit News
Don’t Be a Ghastly Guest | Lolly Winston, Silicon Valley Magazine
Ignoring business etiquette can lead to rude awakening | Judy Artunian, Chicago Tribune
International Etiquette | Nikkei Marketing Journal, Japan
Cellular Static | Margaret Littman, Chicago Business
Tipping On Trips | Annelena Lobb, CNN Money 
Everything Guide to Holiday Parties, Scared Sick Day | New York Magazine, Staff Writer
Business Meal Planning | Netta Conyers Haynes, Business Journal – Silicon Valley / San Jose, CA
Shush! | Jerry Fink, Las Vegas Sun
Doing Lunch Scott S. Smith –
Test your e-mail etiquette | James A. Martin, PC World Magazine
Guest Can Help Pay For The Honeymoon Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, Baltimore Sun 
Lunchtime’s Best For Deal Success | Jerry Akerman – The Miami Herald
Good Manners — Your Way | Deborah Pike & Francesca DiMeglio, The Ladies Home Journal
Social Hugging Chicago-Sun Times 
Miss Manners Would Be Appalled Amie Parnes, New York Times
Gratuitous Advice; Tipping For The Math-Impaired | Sheila Himmel, San Jose Mercury News, CA 
Nail Your Recruiting Dinner: Dining for Dollars | MBA Jungle, Staff Writer
Test your e-mail etiquette James A. Martin, CNN.Com / 
The Saturday Evening Post Book Review: Etiquette for Dummies by Sue Fox | Staff, The Saturday Evening Post
OH, BEHAVE! A guide to modern office etiquette Alev Aktar, New York Daily News
Mind your Manners Staff – Seventeen Magazine
Tight job market turns tables on interview process | Rachel Konrad, CNET
Doing Lunch | Scott S. Smith,
Don’t let a renegade cherry tomato wreck your business deal. | Todd Shryock, Smart Business Philadelphia 
Many Americans believe civility has hit a new low | Craig Wilson and Maria Puente, USA Today
Get The Know How To Get Ahead | Carrie Bebermeyer, Columbian Missourian
Manners for the Millennium Anne McCory, Computer World
In a manner of speaking | Kathy Flanigan, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
It’s Your Call: Is a Picture Worth $1,000? | Josh Sens, San Francisco Chronicle
We’ve Got a Bad Case of Digital Gizmosis | Joan O’C. Hamilton, Business Week
Mind Your Millennium Manners | Christopher Francescan, The New York Post
Ruling Class Robert Sulivan, Vogue Magazine
Download Manners – Upgrade Your Career | David A. Kaplan, Newsweek
Etiquette Training for Geeks | Ed Brown – Fortune Magazine
News & Comment , Etiquette: Gather around the Table, and Maybe You’ll Learn Something | Sarah Auerbach, AllBusiness.Com
For whom the bell tolls: Caller ID etiquette | Sharon Kennedy Wynne, St. Petersburg Times
Etiquette: Manners for the Millennium | Anne McCrory, Computerworld
They’re No Dummies | Peter Sinton, The San Francisco Chronicle
Finding Your Manners; A Lost Generation of Executives Needs Help at the Business Table | Julie Flaherty, The New York Times
Making Money The ‘Proper’ Way | Sara Hazlewood, San Jose Business Journal
McManners generation proper etiquette for those deal-making dinners | Susan Breidenbach, Network World
A Refresher Course in Business | Monster.Com
A Job for Miss Manners | Charles Laurence, The London Telegraph