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Customer Testimonials

General Praise for Etiquette Survival

“Ms. Fox is a very interesting and engaging speaker. She’s personable, knowledgeable and able to hold a group’s interest, her workshop was excellent. She cleared up a lot of areas of etiquette that weren’t completely clear, the information was very useful.”

    ACCED International

“Thank you for the educational workshop on ‘The Business Meal & Business Entertaining.’ The members and pledges of Beta Alpha Psi from San Jose State University are now much more learned because of you. We look forward to more workshops from Etiquette Survival in the future.”

    Jose Trinidad,
    BAP Treasurer

“Sue Fox is gifted, skilled, and talented, her presentation was without a doubt one of the best we’ve had. We all learned a lot-and enjoyed it!”

   Deborah Geyer
    Crossroads Chapter, IAAP

“I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful workshop that you put on at Sonoma State University. I feel like I really got a lot out of it. You are a great presenter. Thank you again!”

    Stephanie Fickes
    Sonoma State University

“The Business Entertaining Seminar really helped us gain a higher level of professionalism. I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to know the little details and how they can influence the tone in whatever business or social situation you may be in.”

    Ravi Singh, VP
    Delta Sigma Pi, Applied Materials

“Increasingly, knowledge of these refinements not only make dining more enjoyable – they can give you a competitive edge in business. If you’re interviewing for a job over a meal, or entertaining a client, you will be more relaxed and savvy. As well as making a more polished representative of your company”

    Arlien Chien, Training Manager
    Guidant Corporation

“As a visiting professor from Peking University, China, I have learned a great deal about western etiquette from Sue Fox’s seminar. I am not only impressed by the contents of her books, but also by the talent, humor, and enthusiasm of the author.”

   Hongxia Zhang
    Peking University, China

“Sue Fox helps demystify the rules of the table and social contact in general. She makes European knife handling as easy as downloading a file.”

    Vogue Magazine

“Etiquette maven Sue Fox shows techies the importance of minding their manners.”

    ComputerWorld Magazine