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In a manner of speaking

By KATHY FLANIGAN, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – 03/13/2000 – 12:00am

Searching for a guide to manners for the new millennium? If so, please be so kind as to check out “Etiquette for Dummies,” (IDG Books Worldwide), a book dedicated to perpetuating random acts of appropriate behavior.

Etiquette expert Sue Fox has assembled the most polite responses to many perplexing occasions, from introducing blended family members to telephone manners both at work and at home — including much- needed tips on when to turn off the cell phone.

It’s the same stuff most of us learned as children (don’t eat until the hostess sits down; bacon cooked crisp can be considered finger food). Fox goes volumes beyond that, however, with tips for dressing, ordering wine and even organizing a wedding.

All in all, not a bad reference book for $19.99.

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