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Marketing Your Etiquette Consulting Service

Your Etiquette and Protocol Career Guide

Starting a business can take courage. Yet, as the saying goes, “courage doesn’t pay the bills!”  To be successful and to stay in business you need more than courage.  You will need a combination of hard work, skill, perseverance and passion.

Formulating a successful business around etiquette training requires a step-by-step approach.  Etiquette Survival takes you through those steps in this Getting Started Manual.  Whether you are teaching children, teens, young adults, college, small business, large business, individuals, families and international clients, we are here to help you succeed and that success begins with U…

Ten Steps To Success

Getting Started: Your Etiquette and Protocol Career Guide is comprised of 10 main steps:

  1. Defining Your Vision
  2. Creating Your Marketing Plan
  3. Creating Your Company Image
  4. Creating Your Marketing Message
  5. Marketing To Attract Clients
  6. Speaking To Generate Business
  7. Marketing & Advertising with Articles, Direct Mail, Web Sites, Press Releases, and Online
  8. Using the Marketing Funnel
  9. Developing & Pricing Your Classes, Seminars & Programs
  10. Growing Your Consulting Business

Whether you have purchased the Etiquette Survival Business Kit to start a brand new business or to grow your current consulting business — we believe you will find the material and our Platinum Mentor Program an invaluable resource.

The Etiquette Survival™ Mentor Program has been designed to effectively assist our Consultants to succeed in their business.  Utilizing our Getting Started Manual, we take you step-by-step in building your business.  Whether you are brand new to the etiquette consulting business or a well-seasoned consultant, the Mentor Program can help you to continue to expand and grow your consulting business.

As your mentors, we are committed to supporting your efforts by providing you with products, industry information, and education through our mentoring programs, conferences, and on-going training—all to motivate you to succeed!

To learn more about our marketing and mentor programs, vist our Mentor Program page.