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Does etiquette still matter in today’s society? Do most young people or business professionals understand what it means to have “good manners” and why such social and business niceties are important?

These questions are far from trivial! Etiquette really does count—not only socially—in the business world as well. No matter how technically brilliant an employee may be, his or her lack of social grace will make a bad first impression on clients and business associates. And if your employee makes a bad first impression, well, so does your company.

Remember, savvy dining and social skills, business etiquette and professional development will give your employees a competitive edge, as well as have a direct impact on your company’s profitability and that translates into big returns for a very modest investment.

Our customized seminars and classes cover all areas of etiquette. We conduct classes appropriate for students in K-12 schools, colleges, corporations and individual professionals. All of our classes are interactive and include role-playing, lesson plans, quizzes, games and lots of humor!

If you would like more information about our classes, seminars or our training material please contact us: or use our contact form.


ACCED (Assoc. of Collegiate Conference & Event Planners)
Adobe Systems
Apple Computer
Applied Materials
Bell Micro Labs
Cisco Systems
Frequency Technology
Guidant Corporation
Hughes Aircraft
IAAP (Intrnl. Assoc. of Administrative Professionals)
I.C. Commerce
JSM Group – J. Sakazaki Marketing Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
MarketFirst Software
Mentor Computer
Silicon Graphics
Sun Micro Systems
Whelan & Associates Event Planners
Zap International
Zapa Digital Graphics


University California San Francisco, Law Department
Delta Sigma Pi, San Jose, CA
Girl Scouts of America, CA
Guangdong Business College, China
Menlo College, Palo Alto, CA
National Association of Meeting Planners, CA
National Charity League, CA
Saint Mary’s (K-12) CA
Stanford University – Department of Engineering, CA
San Jose State University, CA
Santa Clara County Foster Care Program, CA
Sonoma State University, CA
University of Peking, China