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Becoming an Etiquette Consultant

Start an etiquette business in your city! Wherever you are located, learn how to conduct western etiquette seminars and classes internationally— for professionals, small business, corporations, K-12 schools, colleges, and the general public!

Etiquette Survival® is pleased to provide products and teaching tools for etiquette consultants, individual use, in-house trainers, teachers or anyone looking to supplement their income or simply those with a passion to bring civility back into our world!

Our educational material is available via the Internet and mail for established etiquette consultants, image consultants, wedding planners, event planners, current and retired teachers, librarians, school districts, college faculty, educational administrators, home-schoolers, group leaders, and in-house corporate trainers.

A combined 20 years experience in the etiquette field and much market research and thought have gone into our products to make them simple to use, yet interesting and challenging enough for both the instructor and students. We know you will agree!

The Etiquette Survival Business Kit

The Etiquette Survival Business Kit provides comprehensive educational material and our Getting Started Etiquette and Protocol Career Guide includes our proven “Ten Steps To Success.”

Formulating a successful business around etiquette training requires a step-by-step approach. Etiquette Survival takes you through those steps in our Getting Started Manual. Whether you are teaching children, teens, young adults, college, small business, large business, individuals, families and international clients, we are here to help you succeed and that success begins with U…


Ten Steps To Success

Getting Started: Your Etiquette and Protocol Career Guide™ is comprised of 10 main steps:

  1. Defining Your Vision
  2. Creating Your Marketing Plan
  3. Creating Your Company Image
  4. Creating Your Marketing Message
  5. Marketing To Attract Clients
  6. Speaking To Generate Business
  7. Marketing & Advertising with Articles, Blogs, Direct Mail, Web Sites, Press Releases, Social and Professional Media and Online
  8. Using the Marketing Funnel
  9. Developing & Pricing Your Classes, Seminars & Programs
  10. Growing Your Consulting Business

With the Gettting Started manual you also receive a companion CDROM including additional etiquette resources on sales and marketing material, sales letters, website development, etiquette organizations, books, publications, industry trends, etiquette training and much more!

You can customize your Business Kit for the particular market you’d like to target. For example, K-12 schools, children and teens, or business professionals, corporations, international protocol—or all of these! If you are not planning to start a consulting business, yet plan to teach etiquette classes, you may select one of our other Kits listed below.



Etiquette Survival Business Kit™
Includes our Getting Started Manual & 3 Month Mentor Program!
You may select from one to four teaching manuals & companion workbooks of your choice

Etiquette Survival Educator Kit for Higher Education™
Includes two teaching manuals & companion workbooks

Etiquette Survival Educator Kit for K-12™
Includes two teaching manuals & companion workbooks

The purchase of the Etiquette Survival Business Kit includes a 3-month mentor program and discounts on Etiquette Survival programs and products. We also give you added business exposure by listing your business profile on our “Find a Consultant” resource page.

Whether you purchase the Etiquette Survival Business Kit to start a brand new business or to grow your current consulting business — we believe you will find the material and our Mentor Program and Consultant’s Community support page an invaluable resource!

New etiquette products, lesson plans, student materials, and marketing guides are continually developed and made available to all Etiquette Survival consultants.

For additional details, or a free phone consultation, please use our contact form, email us at, or call 805.975.9511.