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The Right Way To Easy Etiquette

By Priscilla Murtha 

Have you tried to exit an elevator and dealt with frantic people rushing onto the elevator as the door opens?

Have you been seated at a banquet table and dealt with fellow diners confused about where to pass food?

These types of situations motivated me to promote “the right way to easy etiquette.” Based upon this premise I organized a simple set of rules that make it easier to remember both business and social etiquette, basic behavioral guidelines to build upon. Here are two common situations with an implementation of “the right way.”

Business situation: When attending a networking event attach your name badge near your right shoulder. Since your meeting is located on an upper floor you walk on the right side of the lobby to the elevator. Next, you wait for the elevator on the right side of the door opening. Upon your arrival you notice an inviting food buffet but you network first and eat second; you keep your right hand free allowing you to shake hands. At the end of the event the sedan car arrives and you give first choice to your manager: the right rear seat is the seat of honor.

Social situation: When attending a neighborhood party that includes a casual dinner you approach the right side of the chair and seat yourself. As you face the table you quickly identify your place setting by the water goblet, a dominant part of the place setting always on the upper right side. You notice a breadbasket in front of you and pass it to your right. At the end of the meal your hostess asks you to help clear the table and you both proceed to remove plates from the right side.

“The Right Way to Easy Etiquette” Basics:
1. Attach your name badge near your right shoulder
2. Stand to the right of an elevator door to enter or exit; right side on an escalator
3. Walk on the right side of a lobby or passageway
4. Keep your right hand free for handshaking
5. Right rear seat in a sedan car is the seat of honor
6. Approach the right side of a chair to be seated
7. Identify your place setting by the water goblet on the right side
8. Pass food to your right at the table
9. Servers’ best practice is to remove food from the diners’ right side
10. What is the right way to chew gum? Never in public!

Stay right, think right and do right!

Master the basics of “the right way to easy etiquette” and you are on your way to making etiquette part of your life, feeling comfortable and confident as you build your business and social skills.

And much love to lefties, especially my big brother!

Copyright Priscilla Murtha, 2016