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Project to Equip Indians With Soft Skills

By The Hindu – 11/28/2005 – 12:00am


“Certain etiquette is unique to some cultures and therefore a cause for social gaffes”

You want to mind your manners when you have an appointment with two etiquette gurus. Although Sue Fox and Syndi Seid from USA would probably be too polite to point out a breach on your part, as evinced from their benign smiles at stragglers from the media who came in late.

Global Adjustments, an organisation that helps foreign business families relocate, has brought Ms. Fox and Ms. Seid down for a new project – The Global Indian. It is an attempt to equip Indians with the soft skills needed to take on the Western world. Director of Global Adjustments Ranjini Manian said the foreign direct investment is $4 billion and likely to increase. Already, BMW and Nokia will be setting up shops in Chennai and investing heavily in the economy.Ms. Fox from Etiquette Survival has written “Etiquette for Dummies” and “Business Etiquette for Dummies”. Ms. Seid from Advance Etiquette trains corporations and even worked with Sushmita Sen when she was Miss Universe.

They have both come in contact with Indians living and working in California’s Silicon Valley.

Ms Seid said certain etiquette is unique to some cultures and therefore a cause for social gaffes. For example, in a Chinese home, when you are offered a drink, you should refuse immediately as opposed to Western homes where this would be considered rude.

They will be collaborating with Global Adjustments to set up a website beginning of 2006 as part of a one year course on business and social etiquette.

As an introduction to this course that will include contact classes, email support and web interaction, they will be holding seminars “Business Entertaining for the Global Indian Woman” on December 1 in the city and “International Business and Social Etiquette to Be World Class Competitive” on December 2 (Chennai) and December 5 (Bangalore).

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