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Mentor Testimonials

Melba Lim:
“I really want to thank you for the time you have taken to walk me through the ins and outs of the etiquette field, for spending time with me over the phone and for sharing your valuable materials and experience. I appreciate your unselfishness and your desire to see others (like me) succeed! To be mentored by you is a privilege.”

David Dillman:
“Wow! Sue, what you have done to help with my business is so much more than I ever expected! Thank you seems very inadequate to express my appreciation. You are so awesome, though “awesome” may not be entirely “proper” but it certainly represents my feeling. Thank you so much!”

Cathi Montoya:
“I look forward to receiving the Letter of Agreement. On a personal note, I could tell you truly are an entrepreneur and that you want to help other entrepreneurs get started. The fact that you help teachers have a second income really impressed me, also that you authored the “for Dummies” books. After all my Internet research to find an etiquette training company, I chose your company just because of this spirit! You are changing the way this industry is doing business and it’s very exciting, thank you!”

Karen Albreada:
“I finished one book and started on the children’s binder last night. I am so thrilled! Your package is wonderful. I can’t wait to start up my own business! Once I have finished reading the books and viewing the videos and dvds – I will be on my way. I have read every etiquette book ever published and am finding everything so interesting! Thanks for your emails. I look forward to working with you!”

Hazelann Liverpool:
“My first impression from reading the content on your website was a good one. And now that I have had the chance to speak with you confirms that your business is truly the sort of establishment that I would enjoy doing business with now and in the future. I was truly impressed by the way you took the time to answer my questions and clarify the gray areas I had with respect to location and pricing.”

Barbara Schultz:
“I so enjoyed meeting you! I certainly was thrilled with how much we had in common. I know we would be friends if I lived in Los Gatos! I am overwhelmed with all the material. I will be 70 by the time I get through it all! I am impressed. You did a terrific job. I will be in touch soon, if and when I get my head out of all the material!”

Kathleen Nielsen:
“I am writing to tell you that I received the Business Kit today! I have briefly looked through the materials and like what I see very much! It may take me a few days to digest all the material. I want to tell you how much I appreciate all that you have done thus far in answering all of my questions, and in helping me get on my way as I start up this Charm and Etiquette School! I am very excited about the future and thank you for your many offers of support. We’ll be in touch!”

Sue Ellen Bron:
“I want to take this opportunity to say how much we have enjoyed going over all of the material from you. You truly have great ideas, and a very well put together presentation. I am actually going to be teaching my first set of classes on my own in two weeks! We appreciate all the kind words and advice you’ve given us in the past couple of months. Keep up the inspirational work!”

Brenda Moore-Frasier:
“Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how awesome I think you materials are. The marketing advice and worksheets will be especially helpful. I especially like the proposal samples and will modify them to meet my needs. The PowerPoint presentation was well-organized and fun to watch. I enjoyed chatting with you last week and since our conversation, I’ve had a feeling that I’m no longer in this by myself. Thank you so much for putting together exactly what I’ve been looking for, and all the great ideas.”

Chan Po Chu, & Lai Man-Yee, Elegant Etiquette International – Hong Kong:
“Thank you for your supportive e-mail. It has been our pleasure meeting you in Hong Kong. With four performing programmes by the end of the year, we still managed to start conducting the Etiquette course with Hong Kong Open University. Soon I will be teaching two etiquette courses in Quongzhou and Beijing. I will let you know the outcome. My house is full of utensils, china and glasses!”

Ranjini Manian, Director, Global Adjustments – Chennai, India:
“Sue, you are my etiquette Guru and I am much benefited by my association with you. A teacher affects eternity; you never know where your influence ends!”

Rebecca Blake:
“I am already working to set up my first class with a hotel in New Orleans! They found my business information from the Etiquette Survival web site resource page! Thank you so much for everything. I’ll let you know when the class will be and how it goes!”

Vicky De Barros:
“Thank you for the Business Kit! It is so well packaged and put together! Very professional. I look forward to working with you and getting into the detail of it. I will keep you posted on the progress of setting up my business in South Africa.”

Ira Pangestu – Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea:
“Yesterday, I had my first etiquette training class for teens! It went very well! Your message this morning was spiritual support for me. Thank you for your encouragement.”

Julie Brown, PhD.:
“I really enjoy working with you because you always went out of your way to call me. You’ve been there for me since 1998! The conference calls were very important to me, as well as helpful.”

Kimberly Sauer:
“The Etiquette Survival materials are top notch and a great value. Thank you for always being available to help with teaching, etiquette, or business questions and especially for the regular referrals from your web site.”

Ginette Lilavois:
“I received the Business Kit this afternoon. I’m so excited! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! Everything is presented very well and I look forward to working with the materials.”

Andrea Neiers:
“Thank you so much for your wonderful program. What you have created and the service you provide are outstanding. I hope to begin teaching in August. I will be in touch soon!”

Jesse Simone, Advent Executive Advisors:
“Although our working relationship has just begun, it has already proven to be very useful and fruitful. I’ve gained many creative ideas from speaking with you and your guides and I also appreciate the personalized attention you’ve given me. I look forward to further strengthening our professional relationship and continuing to benefit from your experience.”

Melba Lim:
“I am so excited to let you know that a writer from the Los Angeles Times chose to interview me from your list of Etiquette Survival consultants for a story titled, “The Meal Deal!” I truly appreciate being listed on your web site Resource page. I am very excited and hopeful for the LA Times exposure! Thank you once again for the support you have continued to provide for consultants like me.”

Lynn Waugh, & Lisa Wright, The Etiquette Advantage:
“We wanted to thank you and acknowledge your continued support, we value our association with you.”

Dawn Wilson:
“I wish to thank you again for all the assistance you have given me over this past year. You are a remarkable person, and I am honored to know you. I appreciate all that you have done.”

Jesse Simone, Advent Executive Advisor:
“Although our working relationship has just begun, it has already proven to be very useful and fruitful. I’ve gained many creative ideas from speaking with you and from your guidebooks. I also appreciate the personalized attention you have given me.”