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For whom the bell tolls: Caller ID etiquette

By Sharon Kennedy Wynne, St. Petersburg Times – 08/13/1999 – 12:00am

Tell your friends and family you have Caller ID. Tell them how it works and what the features are, to ward off hurt feelings and embarrassment.

Resist the urge to show off that you know who’s calling. Just answer the phone normally. Otherwise, you may spook your caller.

Caller ID records a phone number even if a caller decides not to leave a message. If you absolutely can’t resist the urge to find out why a stranger called you, don’t be rude and scold the person who left no message. Be polite and say you saw that she called, and you wonder what she needed.

If you’re using another person’s telephone line, press Star 67 to block their name and number.

As Caller ID becomes more prevalent, consider leaving a polite message if you misdial, such as: “I apologize; I must have dialed a wrong number.” This should eliminate a hostile return call.

Similarly, avoid the urge to call every number that pops up on your Caller ID box.

Taken from “Etiquette For Dummies” by, Sue Fox

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