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Etiquette for Educators & Schools

Conduct Etiquette Classes in Your School

Does etiquette still matter in today’s society? Do most young people understand what it means to have “good manners” and why such social niceties are important? And do you believe that teaching them the basics of etiquette would give them an advantage in the business world as well as in every aspect of life?

These are questions you may never have considered. But as an education professional, you are in a unique position to do so. Chances are, you see examples of poor etiquette every day. And you are already committed to teaching students the “three Rs” . . . so why not help them learn the “social niceties” they need to truly succeed in life?

It is our fervent belief that good etiquette should be learned in childhood, or at the very latest, early adulthood. Unfortunately, students today spend far more time surfing the Internet than they do practicing polite interaction with others and they’re more likely to wolf down burgers in front of the TV than to dine at a properly set table!

The need for etiquette has not disappeared just because we live and do business differently than we did thirty years ago. There is so much competition in the job market today, that young adults need every skill they can acquire.

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We are always happy to discuss the ways you can help your students learn the basics of etiquette. It’s an investment you’ll be glad you made! If you want more information about the Etiquette Survival Educator Kit, please contact at us by calling: 805.975.9511 or send an email to: