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Frequently Asked Mentor Questions

Are your etiquette programs offered only in California?

We currently offer hands-on etiquette consultant trainer programs in Northern and Southern California. In addition, we provide a comprehensive etiquette study course with training materials sent to you via the Internet and U.S. mail.

I am interested in purchasing one of your home study programs and starting an etiquette business. Are there specific target markets you recommend?

The Etiquette Survival Business Kit material was developed for the purpose of conducting etiquette workshops for children, teenagers, college students, small and large businesses, individual professionals, and the general public. The programs and material may also be purchased for corporate trainers interested in conducting business etiquette training within their own company.

Are your programs considered an Etiquette Survival Franchise or Licensing Program?

No. The attendance of our programs and purchase of our kits are to assist you in your independent business and are not in any way an ‘Etiquette Survival’ licensing agreement or franchise. We do however offer International-Licensing programs to established businesses outside of the United States.

What is the difference between the Etiquette Survival Business Kit and the Etiquette Survival Educator Kit?

The Educator Kit(K-12) includes all the same educational material as the Business Kit. It does not include our ongoing coaching or mentoring services, marketing and advertising guides, or promotion and link of your business on our Etiquette Survival web site. The Educator Kit was designed to supplement an educator’s current curriculum.

How do I purchase one of your programs? Do you have particular policies or prerequisites?

It is simple! All that is necessary is to request that the Letter Agreement be emailed or mailed to you by providing us with your information. Should you decide to purchase a Kit, you then return a signed contract with a check, money order, or credit card number.

As far as any prerequisites or policies, we ask that you try to abide by the following:

  • Have the desire and motivation to conduct well-run and thoughtful classes in your community on dining etiquette, social etiquette, and business etiquette.
  • Conduct your business with honesty and integrity and act in a reasonable and appropriate manner at all times.
  • Continue the study of etiquette beyond the basic training with professional development by upgrading your skills, knowledge and competence in the etiquette field.
  • Accurately represent your qualifications, education, experience and affiliations in all forms of communication.
  • Maintain a professional appearance that reflects positively within the etiquette industry and your business.
  • Comply with the existing local, state and national laws.

When shall I be receiving the Letter of Agreement?

As soon as your request is made, we will send you the a personal Letter of Agreement detailing the program with a list of all educational media and material included in your Kit.

What is your purchasing policy?

Orders must be prepaid by check, money order, or charged to a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express). We gladly accept Purchase Order Forms from schools, libraries, school districts and organizations. All international orders must be prepaid in US funds or by credit card. Orders may be canceled within 24 hours. All sales are final once the material is received.

Is it necessary to attend one of your hands-on training programs or is the purchase of the Business Kit enough to get me started?

We do not feel it is necessary to attend a hands-on training to have a successful consulting business, however, if you find it necessary or desirable to attend a training, we will make arrangements for you to attend one of our etiquette training programs conducted in California or another program offered by our consultants across the U.S. and internationally. Once you have purchased a Kit and still desire to attend a training, the training will be offered to you at a discounted rate, so that you can view first hand, the techniques we employ while conducting classes on dining etiquette, business etiquette, and social etiquette.

What type of material is included in your Business Kit?

The Etiquette Survival Business Kit includes curriculum, lesson plans, and quizzes (for all ages) on dining and social etiquette, business etiquette, and personal presence. You also receive a comprehensive guide on “How to Get Your Business Started” which contains step by step ways to market your consulting business online  and off,  sample client proposals, press releases, print advertisements, sample sales letters and much more!

With the purchase of the Business Kit you are allowed access to our “Consultant Community” page so you may reach out for support or share lesson plans, quizzes and student activities with other Etiquette Survival consultants.

Are the sale of your materials and Etiquette Survival Kits a one-time purchase?

We offer updated and new etiquette products, lesson plans, and student materials on a continual basis.

As we reach out to new communities and assist in establishing successful etiquette businesses, it is our intention to generate new and additional materials for you to use in your business and we will offer these materials to those of you who are “Introductory Participants” either complimentary, or on a more economically favorable basis than to later participants.

It is our intent to make products that are complimentary to your etiquette classes and also available for you to sale to your students and their families.

Once I have established my etiquette business, is a web site necessary?

We believe that important criteria for the successful operation of your business will be establishing a web site for your business or a Business Facebook page or other social media page. Once your Facebook page and/or web site is established, we will create a link between your site and the Etiquette Survival web site. Each time someone visits our web site, they will be informed that you have established an Etiquette Business in your community, your email and/or online pages and business name will be provided immediately. We also offer our recommendations and assistance with promotion of your business and development of your website or social media page.

I am currently an Image Consultant and I am very interested in your Etiquette Survival Kit. How can I benefit from your business opportunity?

Many established Image Consultants have incorporated our etiquette training into their services because of the demand from their current clients. They find that the etiquette training fits in well and compliments the services they already provide. It also creates additional clientele.

I am interested in conducting etiquette classes at my church, which Kit is best for my needs?

If you plan to conduct classes for your church we would suggest our Educator Kit, or you may purchase in individual Instuructor manuals from our product page. If you would like to start a business of your own and conduct classes for your community, then the Business Kit is more appropriate.

I am a teaching professional for a community college; do you recommend your business opportunities for full-time educators?

Yes! We recommend our Etiquette Survival Business Kit for teaching professionals that would like to supplement their income by setting up an etiquette business in their community and conducting summer, after school, and weekend classes.

I am a Corporate Trainer for a large corporation, how can I offer your programs within my company?

Many corporations are providing etiquette training with their “New Employee Training” classes. Some companies offer the training to their Sales Departments only. The Educator Kit material is recommended for corporate trainers interested in conducting etiquette classes within their company. Many times this can be approved through your Division VP or Purchasing Departments once an approved vendor status has been established.

I am a home school parent and would be interested in purchasing your Educator Kit to incorporate into our home curriculum. Do you only offer this Kit to licensed teachers?

The Educator Kit is sold to anyone, including teachers, group leaders, and tutors that would like to supplement their current teaching curriculum.

Can my etiquette classes be conducted from my home?

We would discourage your attempting to conduct classes from your home. While it is certainly conceivable that you will not need “commercial or retail space” from which to conduct your business, we encourage you to establish relationships with the owners or operators of local restaurants or other similar establishments at times that will not conflict with their normal operations for conducting your classes on dining etiquette and social etiquette. From an operational standpoint, this provides a more suitable environment both for you and your students and will be more reassuring for the parents of your students as well.

As far as running your business, we recommend you having a home office.

We care about the success of your business and we are prepared to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that you develop well-run and thoughtful classes on dining and social etiquette in your community.

You may have questions other than those addressed on this page, if so, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at; as I will attempt to be responsive to your questions and concerns.

Sue Fox, Founder