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Wedding Etiquette

WeddingEtiquetteBack in the dim reaches of history, a wedding was society’s way of gathering together an audience to hear a man promise to take care of a woman. She, in turn, promised to obey him. You may hear faint echoes of those long-ago attitudes in the wedding vows that couples recite today, but the nature of a wedding and wedding etiquette has changed significantly over the years.

Or, you can enjoy learning what to do before, during, and after the wedding ceremony with our Wedding Etiquette trivia game. Have a great time playing the Wedding Etiquette game at bridal showers! It’s the perfect gift for the bride to be, groom to be, maid of honor, best man, mother of the bride and father of the bride.

The customs and traditions of the wedding ceremony are timeless. Have fun learning to write invitations, selecting the perfect gift, setting up a gift registry, proper wedding attire, customs, and traditions and much more! Hundreds of intriguing questions designed to make that a special day a lasting, memorable, fun-filled occasion you will treasure forever.

One of the little luxuries of the modern wedding is wedding consultants (think Martin Short in Father of the Bride). These helpful people can handle everything from the announcements and invitations to the catering and flowers. To find a wedding consultant near you, please visit our ‘Find a Consultant‘ or contact us for more wedding planning or wedding etiquette information.