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By Ranjini Manian, Chennai, India – 01/10/2005 – 12:00am

She has a strategic alliance with, and has been trained by, the etiquette guru of Silicon Valley, Sue Fox, author of ‘Etiquette for Dummies’ series.

Ranjini Manian, Director of Global Adjustments, is a multi-cultural expert on etiquette. She was schooled in Elphinstone College, Bombay, and then at the University of Sorbonne, Paris. Besides English, she speaks French, Japanese, Spanish and several Indian languages. As a winner of the ‘Outstanding Student of Japanese’ award, Ranjini went on a scholarship to Japan.

She has travelled extensively for official purposes and has simultaneously learnt about new cultures in places as diverse as Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, the Far East and the United States. Having lived in Madras for 20 years, Ranjini is well established in the city’s business and social communities. As a member of the Employee Relocation Council, she participates in the annual conferences held each year in the USA for human resource and relocation professionals and has tied-up with international relocation organizations.

Ranjini is an expert in sharing her love for her culture with newcomers to India, which she does by publishing an informative and entertaining monthly newsletter that answers questions on culture and includes a calendar of Chennai events. In the courses ‘Western Culture and Etiquette’ she shares her knowledge on adapting successfully to a foreign culture professionally and socially.

She has in the past run cross-cultural sessions for Ford Motor Company, the Federation of Indian Exporters Organizations and several IT companies.

She has been quoted in the latest edition of ‘Business Etiquette for Dummies’.

She is the founder of Global Adjustments, one of the major relocation organizations in India. Headquartered in Chennai (Madras) and established in 1995, its clientele includes multinationals such as Ford Motor Company, Air Touch International, Mobil Oil and several others. Global Adjustments is a consultancy established primarily to help foreign business professionals and their families relocate to any city in India. In addition to its existing array of relocation and realty services, global adjustments has an overseas orientation course for Indians entitled ‘Western Culture and Etiquette’.

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