Etiquette Survival Interactive DVD Series


Interactive DVD – Dining & Social Etiquette for teens and adults.
Runtime: 45 minutes.

This program is designed for anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable attending a formal function, entertaining guests, meeting an unfamiliar group of people or entering the job market for the first time. In other words, just about anybody! Basic dining and social skills are presented in a humorous and entertaining series of workshops for adults and teenagers. Includes Table-setting instructions from basic to formal and interactive quizzes!


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Give the gift that keeps on giving!

Now the rules of proper etiquette are more accessible and fun to learn than ever! The Etiquette Survival DVD program has received rave reviews from many schools and libraries across the nation with high marks from Meridian Education & Cambridge Educational, one of the largest distributors of educational multimedia products to colleges, primary schools, and libraries. Many schools are using the Etiquette Survival Video Series as part of their curriculum and social skills training. This fun interactive DVD contains three programs; Dining & Social Etiquette For Teens, Dining & Social Etiquette For Adults and Proper Table Settings from casual to formal–along with two interactive quizzes, one for teens and one for adults. Great for family or classroom viewing!


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2 Responses to Etiquette Survival Interactive DVD Series

  1. Sarah Spillman, Teacher Hudson Bend Middle School Austin, Texas April 18, 2015 at 6:50 pm #

    I have used the Etiquette Survival teen video in my teen skills class. It is excellent! The students are always surprised by what they do and do not know.

  2. Randy Pittman, Video Librarian Newsletter March 18, 2018 at 6:49 pm #

    “This dvd is an invaluable tool to myself and my family. It covers a variety of essential etiquette information. As for the teen portion of the dvd, it was more effective for my teen son and daughter to watch the dvd with my husband and myself rather than getting a lecture from us – and we learned plenty as well. Having the quizes at the end of each section not only made it fun but helped us retain what we learned. I thought I already knew about etiquette, however, I have already put much of this dvd’s content to use in many social situations. Five stars to this dvd and its wealth of information!”

    Great movie for etiquette training for teens. I made up a worksheet to go with it and it gets the point across w/o being stuffy.

    These programs are partially based on a popular workshop course which is, apparently taking the Silicon Valley baby ‘zoomer’ by storm.” “Socially nervous nellies will eat these up, while people like me will continue to do what we always have when confronted with peas: reach for the spoon without hesitation or regret. Despite my quibbles, these videos are recommended!

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