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Social Etiquette

Silo_PartyYes, etiquette deals with which fork to use for the salad course and concerns your behavior at cocktail receptions. But etiquette is a much broader issue. Etiquette is your key to surviving every human contact with your sense of humor and your self-esteem intact, and your reputation enhanced. Etiquette works in supermarket checkout lines, at family picnics, at company holiday parties, on the phone, online, and yes, at wedding receptions.

That’s what politeness is all about: taking the lead, making guests feel welcome, taking the time to evaluate the needs and intentions of others, and behaving in a way that ensures a pleasant outcome. It works at formal dinner parties and it works in tense meetings at the office. Politeness works everywhere, all the time. Remember that there’s no such thing as a vacation from good manners. At home, your polite behavior helps everyone in your family develop self-esteem.

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