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Celebrity Beach Don’ts

By Mark Cina, US Weekly – 01/22/2007 – 12:00am

From public peeing to skimpy suits, etiquette experts address these stars’ shoreside slip-ups

Don’t pack a pricey bag

The $2,100 Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir Alma bags that PAris Hilton and pla Kim Kardashian toted to a Syndy, Australia, beach Dec. 28 may be hip, but Linda Cain, of the Etiquette Survival Group, says the impractical purses are in bad taste for the boardwalk.

Don’t gawk at nudist

“Staring at sunbathers, dressed or not, is always inappropriate,” says Sue Fox.

Best Beach Behavior

“They’re not embarrassing themselves or each other,” says Sue Fox of Hilary and Bill Clinton, who scored some shells while vacationing in Anguilla Dec. 29.

Don’t go topless

“She’s drawing attention to herself,” says Linda Cain of Kate Moss

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