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Cross-Cultural Etiquette

Business card the Chinese wayA wide variety of appropriate behavior exists for building business relationships in different areas of the world. By discovering and understanding the customs and cultures of the country you’re visiting, you show that you have respect for the other side, and respect is crucial in building a rapport and developing business relationships.

Even if you’re well on your way to bona fide expertise in American business etiquette, practices that pass as polite in San Francisco may be deemed downright rude in Seoul or Seville. Just knowing about your area of business expertise isn’t enough any longer. Whether you travel internationally or do business with foreign clients at home, making a positive first impression is more important than ever.


Keep in mind that you are not only a company representative when you travel abroad, but a representative of your home country as well. It’s critical that you always be respectful of other customs, cultures, and religions. To achieve a global perspective, try to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Blending in and conforming to social norms is often a form of flattery.

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