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Etiquette Survival for Teens™ Manual, CDROM Workbook and PowerPoint Presentations


The teen and young adult curriculum outlines “modern” yet time-proven guidelines for etiquette and behavior in social settings and offer suggestions on how your students can improve the way they present themselves in situations we all encounter.

Although time-tested, these are not just “grandma’s rules”! We have updated these tools and guidelines to match contemporary life styles. Convince your students that the skills they learn in your classes are not only important to know now but will benefit them throughout their life.

Includes one teaching manual, one student workbook with student activities, lesson plans, Powerpoint presentations, photos and illustrations.

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Chapter Titles & Topics Covered:

* Introduction To Etiquette
* Manners vs. Etiquette
* Self-Confidence Building
* Integrity
* Which Manners Are The Most Important?
* Your Personal Presence & Style
* Good Posture & Poise
* Grooming
* Time Management
* Stress Management for Teens
* Leadership Skills
* Motivation
* Goal Setting
* The Power of Positive Thinking
* Positive and Lasting Impression
* Managing Peer Pressure
* Interpersonal Behavior
* Self-Awareness
* Managing Strong Emotions
* Managing Your Relationships
* How to Deal with Bullying!
* Dealing with Other Cultures
* Helping our Environment
* Life Skills
* Dealing With Weaknesses and Strengths
* Handling Peer Pressure
* Is Anybody Listening? Communications & Conversations
* Meeting Someone New
* Proper Introductions
* Telephone Manners
* Interviewing Skills & Tips
* Social Media Etiquette & Guidelines
* Introduction To Dining Etiquette & Table Manners
* Conversation at Table
* Coming to the Table
* Proper Table Settings
* European & American Dining Styles
* Proper Use of Table Utensils
* Eating Each Course
* A Proper Toast
* Distressing Mealtime Moments & Common Blunders
* Dealing With Hard To Handle Foods
* Dining Hints & Tips
* Top Ten Dining Mistakes
* Restaurant Dining

Includes Companion Student Workbook and PowerPoint Presentations for Each Chapter


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