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Etiquette Survival for Children™ Manual & CDROM Workbook


Includes one teaching manual with student activities, lesson plans, photos and illustrations. Each chapter may be taught independently.

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Chapter titles:

Introduction to Etiquette Survival For Children:
Children’s Behavior
How to Use This Manual
Program Objectives
Course Outline
Rules to Live By
Why Are the Rules of Courtesy Important?
Etiquette Teaches Us How to Have Good Manners
Kindness: Just Be Nice
Consideration: How Would I Feel If . . . ?

Chapter Titles:
Lesson 1: What Is Etiquette?
Lesson 2: Meeting and Greeting:
Lesson 3: Can I Be Your Friend? Meeting New People
Lesson 4: Magical Words for Getting Along With Others
Lesson 5: Wow! You Look SO Good! Giving & Receiving Compliments
Lesson 6: Follow Me; I Know the Way – Getting Along With Others
Lesson 7: You’re Invited – Party Etiquette
Lesson 8: Be a Good Sport – Playing Fair
Lesson 9: Can You Hear Me Now? Phone Etiquette
Lesson 10: Be Good to the Planet & Animals!
Lesson 11: Manners Matter at the Table
Lesson 12: “What a Pretty Table You Set” Help Set the Table!
Lesson 13: Adventures in Eating – Eating Difficult Foods
Lesson 14: Review

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