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Etiquette Survival Business Kit™ CDRom (Soft Copy Manuals) Fall Sale


You can turn your knowledge of etiquette into a thriving business with the Etiquette Survival Business Kit! We arm you with the tools and techniques—you provide the drive and determination. Together, we’ll bring the fine art of social graces back to our businesses, our nation, and our world!

The Etiquette Survival Business Kit contains enough ready-to-go lecture material to jump-start your consulting business—including our Getting Started Manual and Consultant Mentor Program!

Includes our Getting Started Manual & Mentor Program!
Comes with four teaching manuals & companion workbooks, quizzes, and PowerPoint presentations.

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With the purchase of the Etiquette Survival Business Kit™ CD you receive the following:

Our Business Kit CD Contains Four Teaching SoftCopy Manuals with Companion Workbooks and PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Etiquette Survival for Children™ Manual
  • Etiquette Survival for Teens™ Manual
  • Etiquette Survival for Teens™ Student Workbook
  • Etiquette Survival Business Etiquette™ Manual
  • Etiquette Survival Business Etiquette™ Quiz Workbook
  • Etiquette Survival Business Entertaining™ Manual
  • Etiquette Survival Business Entertaining™ Quiz Workbook
  • Business Etiquette & Business Entertaining PowerPoint Presentation
  • Getting Started Sales & Marketing Manual
  • Additional resources, such as stock photos and illustrations

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With the Complete Business Kit on CD you also receive:

  • One year Consultant Mentor Program via phone and email with etiquette expert and author, Sue Fox
  • Your business listing on the Etiquette Survival website “Find a Consultant” page
  • Quarterly E-Newsletter
  • CDROM containing teaching manuals, workbooks, PowerPoint presentation, photos, illustrations and additional resources
  • Dining & Social Etiquette & Proper Tables Setting DVD for Adults & Teens
  • Business Etiquette For Dummies Book
  • Etiquette Travel Game
  • Wedding Etiquette Game
  • Complimentary Manual Updates
  • Certificate of Completion


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