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Etiquette Survival Educator Kit for K-12™


Our Etiquette Survival Educator Kit™ for K-12 is packed full of materials covering all areas of dining and social etiquette, self-esteem building and much more! It is appropriate for teachers, libraries, K-12 schools, school districts, home schooling, private groups, clubs and organizations.

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You receive:

Etiquette Survival for Children™ Manual
Etiquette Survival for Teens™ Manual
Etiquette Survival for Teens™ Student Workbook
Three month Consultant Mentor Program
Quarterly E-Newsletter
CDROM containing teaching manuals and workbooks photos and illustrations.
Dining & Social Etiquette & Proper Table Settings – DVD

You also receive a copy of Etiquette For Dummies – Book

Please Note: The above manuals are received on a CD and must be printed by purchaser.


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