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Etiquette For Dummies® 2nd Edition Released

By Nancy Hostler – John Wiley & Son’s, Inc. Publisher  – 05/01/2007 – 12:00am

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Nancy Hostler 201-748-5629 Learn to Say and Do the Right Thing with… ETIQUETTE FOR DUMMIES® 2nd EDITION Disrespect in our society is rampant. Only fifty percent of Americans send thank you notes, people have adopted poor cell phone and e-mail habits, Americans’ manners during travel overseas is approaching notorious, and even pet etiquette is severely lacking! If you want to practice proper etiquette—and effectively deal with others who don’t—the newly published, second edition of the highly successful Etiquette For Dummies (Wiley; June 2007; 362 pages), by Sue Fox, founder and president of Etiquette Survival, is a valuable resource. This no-nonsense guide provides guidance in good manners, no matter the situation.

The latest edition of Etiquette For Dummies has been updated to include Fox’s expert advice on everything from being courteous to friends and family, to dating, working well with colleagues, correspondence, entertaining, tipping, traveling, and much more. It’s like no other existing etiquette book, with advice on: • When to send an old-fashioned hand-written note and when an e-mail note will do • Blogging, online dating, personal e-mails and proper e-etiquette • Entertaining visitors from other countries and making them feel comfortable • RSVP’ing to an event in the proper way • Dealing with challenging situations in the workplace, such as bad managers and difficult personalities • Engaging in polite conversation • Teaching kids good manners Like all For Dummies® books, Etiquette For Dummies, 2nd Edition concludes with the “Part of Tens,” including “Ten Etiquette Tips for Children and Teens” related to respect, listening, sharing and being a good house guest, and “Ten (or so) Tips for Tipping Appropriately” from ordering takeout delivery to hiring a babysitter. The always helpful “Cheat Sheet” provides lists of dining do’s and don’ts, and tips for gift-giving, traveling, and tipping.

The Author Sue Fox is founder and president of Etiquette Survival, a California-based professional development and publishing company that offers educational materials for individuals interested in starting their own etiquette consulting businesses, as well as corporate trainers, and teaching professionals that would like to incorporate etiquette training into their classroom curriculum. She has helped establish numerous “Etiquette Survival” consultants across the country, Canada, Australia, India, Puerto Rico, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

ETIQUETTE FOR DUMMIES® 2nd EDITION By Sue Fox ISBN: 978-0-470-10672-3; $21.99; 362 pages June 2007. To see other For Dummies titles, go to For Dummies®

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