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Is All of Hollywood Breast Obsessed?

By Staff Writer, Life & Style Weekly – 08/15/2005 – 12:00am

If you’ve got ’em … flaunt ’em! Sexy celebs prove they’re far from afraid to strut their stuff.

Jessica Simpson proudly parades hers at every opportunity. Carmen Electra can’t seem to keep hers under wraps. If you’re a star, the word is: Cleavage counts!

Staying abreast of the hottest trends? “Women in Hollywood feel pressure to show off their breasts because their careers depend on it,” says Dr. Jenn Berman, an LA-based psychotherapist. Adds image consultant Daniel DeCriscis, “Sex appeal can bring a lot more good fortune. If you have assets, it could probably push your career forward faster.”

And, fans don’t exactly seem to mind. According to Carolyn Latteier, author of Breasts: The Women’s Perspective on an American Obession, a daring décolletage simply gives the public what it wants: “Celebrities are reflecting and encouraging the general culture’s obsession.”

But, Maura Spiegel, co-author of The Breast Book, says it hasn’t always been this way. “Stars used to wear incredibly glamorous clothes,” says Spiegel. “They no longer dress like that. Today it’s about what’s eyecatching and what will stand out—and that’s breasts.”

When is cleavage OK? LA-based image consultant Danial DiCrisclo says, “Necklines follow the same rules as hemlines. For example, you would never wear a miniskirt to a job interview.” He says an inch or two is OK during the day, and a bit more is fine at night.

Sue Fox, author of Etiquette For Dummies, says, “one factor determines how much skin to show: common sense.”

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